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Rhythm Kids is an innovative music and drumming program with a vision for children, and those who facilitate our programs, to create an atmosphere together where rhythm is integrated into their lives. In-depth musical concepts such as; creative movement, drumming, composition, pre-note reading, improvisation, language, coordination and global music are presented in a culture of play that encourages creativity, self-expression and individuality.'s a lot of FUN!

Rhythm Kids Four Guiding Principles: 

  • Rhythm is a primal understanding that we carry within us (heartbeat, language, walking, etc.)

  • Rhythm is a basic, fundamental skill that all children can learn, develop & strengthen

  • Rhythm is foundational to other disciplines; private instrument lessons, singing, dancing and playing sports

  • Creating a culture of "play" that connects the freedom of self-expression with the voice, the body and the drum is important for a student's overall ability to comprehend simple, and even more advanced, rhythmic concepts 

Who can teach Rhythm Kids?

  • Musicians with the desire to start a local drumming and music program.

  • Music Educators can spice up their drumming skills with adapted global rhythms to use with current school songs and a flexible curriculum that includes: singing, movement, drumming and music games.

  • Music Schools & After-School Programs looking to add a unique program that will expand their market base.

  • Music Therapists that wish to increase their drumming and connection with their clients and learn a variety of adapted global rhythm patterns and a variety of rhythm games.

The Rhythm Kids curriculum will help kids ages 4-8 develop stronger rhythm and you can be part of it. For more information about teaching this dynamic program, please contact

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