Rhythm Kids Store

Rhythm Kids sells quality djembes, percussion and bags ideal for practice at home or to bring to classes and events, plus other drums and accessories. Handmade in Africa, our instruments are durable and priced to make it easy on your budget. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the list price.


African Djembes, Dununs & Bags:
We carry four sizes (based on playing surface and height) of djembes drums for children of all ages, dunun bass drums in a set of three (beautiful sounding drums) and bags to protect your investment. All are hand-crafted, durable and perfect for practice, drum circles or to bring to your Rhythm Kids class!

  • Mini Djembe  [Size: 7x15]    Price: $85.00 
  • Xtra Small Djembe  [Size: 9x16]    Price: $100.00
  • Small Djembe  [Size: 10x20]    Price: $135.00
  • Medium Djembe  [Size: 11x22]    Price: $170.00
  • Large Djembe  [Size: 13x24]    Price: $215.00
  • Dunun (Set of 3 Bass Drums)     Price for Set of 3: $700.00 (SLAMMIN' PRICE!)
  • Traditional Kente Cloth Bag    Price: $40.00

African Percussion Instruments:
We have a beautiful selection of African percussion instruments  that are great to take to drumming events or just use the around the home. You can use these for younger children and start your own family jam (they are pictured in the order they are listed below)!

  • Televi/Aslatua Shaker    Price: $8.00
  • Uñas Bracelet/Ankle Rattle   Price: $15.00
  • African Bell (Gankogui)     Price: $25.00
  • Caxixi (Maraca)   Price: $15.00
  • African Shakere (Shaker)      Price: $30.00

Drum Like an Animal CD:
Price: $10.00

Tom Foote, the Founder of Rhythm Kids, has released a fun collection of original songs and traditional African songs that families everywhere are enjoying. School Library Journal, CD Baby, Boston Children's Music and many others have reviewed it and LOVE IT! Your family will dance, sing and drum together!

Music Educators, dance studios and yoga centers are using "Drum Like An Animal"  to practice drumming, dancing and moving to the beat. Check it out on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon Music.

Shipping & Handling Cost:
It costs money to get things here from Africa, but we like to take care of our customers as best as we can. You should add 17% to your total to cover shipping & handling. If your child is currently enrolled in a class, please take off 15% of your total. Former students should take 10% off their order. See it pays to take Rhythm Kids classes! Remember to indicate the drum size when ordering along with any additional items!


Contact Rhythm Kids to order your items. We don't have a shopping cart just yet--this may seem a bit old school, but we actually like talking to our customers! Phone: (888) 569-0712 E-Mail: Contact Us