Rhythm Kids Store

Rhythm Kids is excited to bring you the very best drums and percussion instruments in association with Djembe Direct. Tom Foote (Rhythm Kids creator) has personally used, and tested in his classes, many drums over the past 15 years and has found Djembe Direct products to be the best sounding drums, at the best price! The drums we use in our classes can be purchased directly from our supplier and you get 5% off, plus FREE SHIPPING (that's a good deal, trust us!) when you use the code: RHYTHMKIDS upon checkout.

Order your drum at Djembe Direct.

Rhythm Kids Supports the African Heartwood Project

The best part about ordering with Djembe Direct is that your purchases help support the African Heartwood Project with handcrafted instruments made by talented African artisans.

Local Boston-Area Peeps:

If you are local to the western suburbs of Boston, we carry a limited supply of drums and will do our best to get a drum for you. We recommend the 9x18 drum for our classes and, for the younger PreRhythm Kids, you can get the 7x16 (for some reason, the little guys like to carry their drums and these are easier to tote). Djembe Direct has a wide variety of drums and all different sizes--you may choose to a get a larger drum that the whole familiy can play and have around the house for many years.

Drum Support from Rhythm Kids

Locals can get help from Rhythm Kids on selecting the right drum for you or your child and we can help tune it or get it fixed if the skin ever breaks (it happens!). You can help care for your djembe by getting a protective case or drum head cover and keep your drum indoors when there's high humidity or rain (rain + djembe = ugh!) as real drums are sensitive to the weather. Also worth mentioning is that djembes should be played ONLY with your hands.


Contact Us or call us (800) 569-0712 if you have any questions, comments or if yo need help selecting a drum--we're here for you!