Special Needs

More and more, people are understanding the value of drumming and collective, spontaneous music-making for children with special needs. Rhythm Kids classes have always welcomed children in this population and strive to include everyone at whatever level they feel comfortable joining in the fun.


Rhythm Kids Special Needs Drumming Programs allow children to have a blast, and the smiles abound. Your group is guided through several, fun music activities. The Rhythm Kids innovative teaching style is a perfect fit for children with special needs. We offer dynamic rhythm and drum circles that engage and support:

  • Cognitive and Emotional Development
  • Freedom of Self-Expression
  • Rhythmic, Bilateral Movement
  • Fine and Gross Motor Applications
  • Creative, Adaptive Movement
  • Music Instrument Exploration
  • Animal Rhythms Language-Based Learning
"These guys were excellent! Totally engaging with the kids and staff. I personally loved the sound trip to Africa. Very creative. Hope they come back again." -- Kennedy Day School Faculty

Build-a-Class: Many families enjoy gathering together several friends to start a drumming class hosted in their home. This is growing in popularity and particularly with the special needs population. If you are interested in this program, or coordinating a special needs class, event or workshop, please contact us.

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