Workshops & Assemblies

One of the most in-demand Rhythm Kids offerings is our outstanding enrichment workshops and assemblies. Hailed by veteran educators, music teachers and PTO representatives, our programs support the classroom and make a lasting impression on children. 

Enrichment Workshops:

Our most popular workshop is the cultural enrichment classroom workshops. Students join Rhythm Kids, class-by-class, for a wild, African adventure. Our journey begins with their imaginations enhanced with unique, world percussion instrument "trip to Africa." Upon our arrival to the village, we sing, move, dance and drum while we have a blast learning about the culture. At our journey's end, we dance our way back to classroom having had an experience that connects what we have been studying about in class. We also have a program for South American studies.

If you have a grade studying about Africa, this is a program you ABSOLUTELY have to check out! 


Rockin' Assemblies:
Nothing beats the collective energy of a group of students (and faculty) jamming together on drums, shakers, bells, woodblocks and other instruments. Rhythm Kids has put together an assembly program that can be adapted for all ages and includes; improvisation, movement, call & response and so much more. We like to get everyone involved in the action. We can accommodate larger groups of 150 or more! If there is a specific focus you want for your students, just let us know and we will work it into our program.

D.R.U.M. Up Character Assembly:

Rhythm Kids offers a high-energy assembly for Elementary-age students that mixes learning with fun. Your group takes a musical journey with four character traits: with lots of audience participation. Kids and adults alike will have a great time working together and will dance and smile back to their classrooms with connections that can be immediately applied in the classroom.

  • Doing Your Best 
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Musicality
Each trait is combined with movement, rhythm chants, partner dancing, singing and drumming.We finish with a high energy, student-lead drum jam that is TOTALLY INTERACTIVE!

Check out our Customer Feedback page and remember, the more classes we visit, the better the price is for you. As much as we enjoy what we do, we want your school to be able to afford other great programs that are available as well.

Upon your request, a master drummer or dancer, can be included for these events.
Contact Us to get our rates and availability.