Schools & Event Programs

People are talking, and they are talking about Rhythm Kids! All of the wonderful programs we offer, from school workshops to drumming events and birthday parties, generate excitement and help create lasting musical memories for your group.

Our wide variety of programs were developed, with the help and feedback from veteran educators, to support what the children are learning in the classroom and to combine serious learning with serious fun! Children will sing, dance and drum their way back to the classroom with a heightened musical appreciation, cultural awareness and smiling from ear-to-ear! Rhythm Kids programs have become an integral part of the learning process in several school districts. Very quickly, barriers are broken down, kids all called to focus and get involved as they lead, follow, create, move, drum and sing! Simply said--it's a BLAST!!

Whether you are a PTO in charge of cultural enrichment or a teacher who wants to bring the curriculum to life--you've got to check out Rhythm Kids--seriously!

Check Out Our List of Programs Available for Your School or Next Event:

  • Music & Rhythm Enrichment: Our most popular program! Children get excited as they sing, dance and drum together!
  • Cultural Enrichment Workshops: These are ideal for students studying about Africa--we bring an African exprience to you.
  • Rhythm Kids Assembly: We bring instruments for everybody--and everybody has a blast!
  • Drum & Dance Residency: A total rhythm immersion with song, dance and drumming arrangements.
  • Artists In-Residence: We come to you for a day, a week or for as long as you like.
  • Preschool Programs: Younger children enjoy singing, drumming and dancing with their teacher and their friends.
  • Drum Circle Programs: With more focus on team-building, we help your group work together.
  • Customized Programs: Give us a theme and we'll work with you to create drum utopia!
  • Birthday Parties: Yes, our facilitators can bring the fun to your home or location and will drum up the FUN!

Contact Us to book Rhythm Kids for your next school workshop or music event. References available upon requests or you can read the Customer Feedback from the happy people who have hired us!

We'll name drop a few companies that have enjoyed a Rhythm Kids event--not bad for a bunch of drummers!