Customer Feedback

From African drumming classes for children, corporate drumming events, birthday parties, school drumming programs and summer camps, Rhythm Kids delivers! Check out what individuals, orgranizations and schools, who have experienced a Rhythm Kids event, had to say.

"I just wanted to send a personal note of warm thanks for the amazing job that you did at our Next Generation schools. Our Directors and teachers have been telling us what a wonderful job you did getting the children engaged and having fun. We really appreciate the quality of your program and hope to have you back again next year! Thank you again" - Kathleen DelPrete Executive Vice President, NGCC

Next Generation Children Centers

"Immediately upon meeting the team from Rhythm Kids face to face, I got the sense that these guys are a lot of fun. We set up the whole thing in an outdoor amphitheater and had a fun jam session going by the time our students (rising 8th and 9th graders) arrived. Across the board, students and staff were engaged, entertained, and energized by the incredibly interactive song and dance performance. These guys rock!"

Josh, Explo at Wellesley

"I thought the (D.R.U.M Up Character) program was great! All the students and teachers had a great time. I have to say that is the first time I have seen ALL the TEACHERS participate in a program. It was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted kids to have fun and emphasize the positive traits that help kids succeed. I would definitely have Rythmkids back again. Maybe we could work on some smaller group drumming as well and coordinate with the music teacher. It was unanimous that Tom, Chris and Dan were the best presenters we have had! Everyone loved them! THANK YOU for a great day!"

Carol, PTO Billerica Schools

"We have been talking all day about how awesome you guys are. Today was a day off from work for both of us and it was such a treat for US to watch your show and see how you teach drumming, interact with the kids, and inspire them. You are incredibly talented--I can see why you are so in demand."

Rani, Wellesley Parent

"One of my drum students took your RhythmKids class four years ago. I asked what rhythms he learned and he said Frekoba and recalled the animal phrase you taught him and then played the rhythm perfectly on the drum--very impressive!"

Educator/Percussion Teacher

"Thanks for a wonderful assembly program. The response from the staff was overwhelmingly positive and your team's interactive program provided the children with an experience that reinforced the inclusion theme. The smiles on the faces of our students is evidence that everyone's contribution is valued in our Hillside community. Thanks again for helping deliver this important message. A big thanks to Tom, Dan, and Moussa!!!"

George, 2nd Grade Teacher

The session was brilliant-perfect actually. The feedback has been amazingly positive-without exception.

Jonathan Rosin, Fidelity LDG

"Thank you and PLEASE pass on to Tom and Dan how much we enjoyed them at the party. Both kids and adults had a blast. They are a great pair and added so much energy to the celebration. Makes me want to learn how to drum myself! Again, thank you for your help in coordinating the whole thing. You all are great and easy to work with."

Hedi, Concord Parent

"Thanks so much for coming on Friday. All the feedback I recieved from the teachers and kids was positive (except that desks had somehow turned into drums suddenly, but that can't be helped!) I really love what you're doing and I'm going to recommend you to the 2nd grade team to do something with their Ghana unit. You should know that you inspired me to get out all my drums and shakers for the kids this week!" 

Peter, Educator AB Schools

"The drumming class was so awesome. It was the best class I’ve ever taken!"

Jae, 2nd Grade Student

"I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we were with Rhythm Kids yesterday! They were really fabulous and our group had a wonderful time! We loved having them here and will definitely invite them back! Thanks so much!"

Sharon, Temple Isaiah

"Well the party is over, but the compliments keep rolling in!! Recently I was told it was the best birthday party they've ever been that takes the cake for sure!! And it's all thanks to Tom and Dan!! They were amazingly wonderful, so happy, in the moment, and great with the kids! It was truly a special time they created in the front yard for kids and adults. I can't thank them enough!! Anyway, it really was so wonderful and everyone wants to know more about them and how I found them! Thank you, thank you. I've already started planning when we can do it again....I think for my 2-1/2 year old's 5th party...we'll do the same!!"

Betsey, Lincoln Parent

"My son, presently a third grader, has taken the RhythmKids drum class since Kindergarten. Each session he learns something new and remains as excited about music and class as the day he started. Tom, with his limitless energy, is uniquely able to engage the kids and pass on his knowledge and love of African drumming. This has been an incredibly positive musical experience and a real confidence builder for my child."

Cindy, Weston Parent

"Our experience with RhythmKids was nothing short of phenomenal! Dan and Tom had a room full of more than 100 people absolutely throbbing with collective spiritual energy and primal excitement. There wasn't a single person who didn't end up banging on a drum -- even the most conservative curmudgeons in the crowd ultimately succumbed to the hypnotic draw of the rhythm, and I have never seen such a collection of gigantic, free-spirited smiles. RhythmKids is definitely for "kids of all ages!"

Steve, President Temple Sinai

"The kids and teachers loved your workshop. Tom and Dan are an engaging and dynamic duo. My 5th graders have gained a heightened respect for the art of drumming and a realization that playing is difficult, but fun! Thank you so much. We look forward to more!"

Susan Calkins, Wayland Music Ed.

"Thank you so much for your amazing talent you shared with our kindergarteners today. You two (Tom and Dan) are wonderful with the kids and full of talent, and I'm so pleased we are able to bask in it!! I will pass on the word how amazing this program is. I am feeling culturally enriched!"

Kym, Littleton Cultural PTA

"Tom's high energy certainly radiates throughout his classes! The kids not only learn to play African drums, they too are enriched with African culture through stories, songs and dances. Although the drumming is done in a group, individual attention is given to each student drummer. I feel it has built confidence and opened my son up to the world of music."

Celeste, Watertown Parent

"There were lots of happy people, adults included, with many comments that this was the best birthday party that they had been to. And when I can find something that makes all my kids happy in one place at the same time...well, that's amazing! So, thank you for all the entertainment!"

Cassie, Acton Parent

"We had an absolute BLAST!! It was the party of the year!! Thank you for making it work. Tom and crew (Dan & Moussa) were WONDERFUL to work with, what a kind/passionate group of guys. They definitely do what they love and love what they do."

Johanna, Newton

"I didn't realize how accessible drumming was for my students until I had RhythmKids come to my school and presented their program.  I didn't know what I was missing until I saw it in action!"

Bernadette, Wayland Music Ed

"Thank you Tom, and Dan, for a great afternoon!! It was wonderful for the children to have the hands on drumming experience. I loved the possibilities that the "Trip Around the World" opened up for them to use their imaginations to create sound pictures. I'll be working on how to get you back for some more great drumming experiences at BB&N."

Ada Snider, BB&N Music Teacher

"Thank you Tom and Dan for an excellent day! I think that was the best party I've been to in ages, and I'm not just talking about kids' parties! You were wonderful; the program you've developed is wonderful."

Jill, Carlisle Parent

"These guys were excellent! Totally engaging with the kids and staff. I personally loved the sound trip to Africa. Very creative. Hope they come back again."

Kennedy Day School Faculty

I wanted to write and thank you and Dan from the bottom of my heart for providing such an amazing birthday for my son. Those kids were having the greatest time, and the parents who stuck around loved it, too. You guys have a real gift for captivating kids and giving them an experience they're not likely to ever forget. All learning should happen this way, through hands-on experience, unbridled energy, and just plain having a blast! I'm just glad we did so much videotaping and photographing so that we can at least SORT of relive it!

Lorrie, Boxborough Parent

"The RhythmKids workshop and show was fantastic! It was dynamic and engaging. It captivated both the students and adults and provided an amazing, accessible forum for participation. Experiencing rhythm in such a creative and participatory way allowed the students to open up and not only create music within their community, but have loads of fun too! Seeing all of those drums and other amazing instruments was a site to behold…and being able to play them was a blast!"

Marcy K. Wanzer, Pediatric PT

"The RhythmKids Drum Class provided a good variation from the norm here at Weston Recreation and I think the children and parents alike loved that. They always had the nicest things to say about you (Tom) and they loved learning how to play the drums. I was very happy to see that the children were happy. RhythmKids is a wonderful class taught by a wonderful individual."

Lauren Smith, Weston Recreation

"Thank you for a great show. The kids and families really loved it and you and your group were wonderful with the crowd. We look forward to having you back."

Sue Andersen, Rockport Network

"The RhythmKids class is incredibly fun, interesting and out the ordinary and a real learning experience (and the kids don’t even realize how much they are learning). My son had a blast, met new people and had practice performing in front of people. If you need a reference have them call me anytime."

Susan, Sudbury Parent

"We all really enjoyed the drumming yesterday. Tom and Dan were a big hit! And, you're fantastic with kids. Many thanks!"

Judy, Cambridge Parent

"I just wanted to say what a great job you all did at your performance at Camp Sewataro. It was great to have you here and the campers truly enjoyed the entertainment!"

Jan, Camp Sewataro Director

"Tom, we think you are amazing and we have been singing your praises to everyone. I can't thank you enough! I hope to see you and RhythmKids again soon!"

Beth, Cambridge Parent

"It was a pleasure having you and Dan share your talent for African drumming with the children at Weston Windows. The kids were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the entire program. We hope you'll come back next year!"

Leslie, Cultural PTA

"Tom, thanks for roping in an eager group of 5 year olds. You received high marks from all age levels." 

Laura, Medford Parent

"Thanks again for a great birthday party--we ALL--had a great time. We sang the hippo rhythm all the way to school today-- Benjamin's hooked!"
Jodi, Sudbury Parent

"I would like to thank you guys again for a wonderful time the Schlumberger children and their parents had on Sunday. We received so many positive feed backs about the drummers. It is always a pleasure to work with you."

Marina, Schlumberger Research

"Thank you for making my daughter's 3rd bday party drumtastic!"

Mauipe, Boston Parent

"THANK YOU!!! My friends can’t stop raving about how well the party went. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to working with you again in the future. I’ll definitely pass your name along."

Julie, Wayland Parent

"We have had nothing but positive feedback and everyone loved you guys. Quite a few people were interested in getting your contact information. I will definitely keep you in mind for future events."

Sarah, Lexington Parent

"They were excellent. They educated the students as well as being interactive and engaging. The students definitely enjoyed it with lots of smiles and laughter."

Kennedy Day School Faculty

"Very interactive. Took what the kids said and played with it [adapted it into their show]. Very in tune with this population. Made it very fun for them. High energy."

Kennedy Day School Faculty

"Thanks again for everything.  We will absolutely tell our peers about you and ask for an encore performance.  It really was amazing and I'm so grateful to Tom and Dan for being so wonderful with our students and for being so much fun.  They were fantastic!"

Christiana, Kennedy Day School

"You guys were AMAZING! Thank you for making Harry's 2nd birthday so special and so much fun. Everyone RAVED about you guys and I couldn't get over how much fun you guys were. I can't wait to get us enrolled in a class!"

Brooke, Wayland Parent

"We would like to THANK YOU very,very much for the great performance put on by Moussa, Toupe and Tom. It was exactly what we were looking for and if time were not so short we would have loved to have them stay and perform forever. I know without a doubt that [my nephew] LOVED every moment of it and that is what we wanted. Just the look on his face--I know he will treasure the moment for a lifetime. So, again, Thank you!

Millie & Marlyn

"Many thanks to Kathie, Tom, and Greg, for your collaboration with me in bringing a great Rhythm Kids program to The Discovery Museums. It was such a great program and our visitors really loved it. I really hope we are able to plan another Rhythm Kids event here in the future. Thanks again for your help."

Teresa, Discovery Museum Fellow

"Tom, Zach and Kathie! I wanted to say how much we LOVED having Rhythm Kids come to our camp. Everyone has unanimously agreed that of all the special guests we've had, Rhythm Kids has been far and away the favorite! One mom sent me an email saying that her 5 year old was drifting off to sleep that night and suddenly her eyes popped open and she said, "MOM! I can't believe I played DRUMS today!" We had a ball, and loved the humor and energy you brought to our camp. Looking forward to doing it again soon! P.S. My 11 year old son wants to be a "Rhythm Kids Minion" next summer...

Libby, Summer Camp

The program today was GREAT...I loved the DRUM Up Character theme. It was an excellent message to start off the year for the kids. I thought all of you had great ease and interaction with the kids--loved the humor, too. And, wow, the drumming itself was awesome! 
Thank you so much again! I'm sure [we] would love to have you back in the future!
Christa, Southborough PTO

"THAT WAS THE BEST! I had so many parents ase, "Where did you find these guys?!" So the word is out, at least with this group. My son had a blast and was singing and drumming all day. He loved every minute of it, really."

Kris, Beacon Hill Parent

"The Drum-Up Character Program was truly wonderful -- thank you so much! Both the kids and teachers loved your presentation and it started our year off with joy and celebration!"

Linda, Principal, Neary School

The residency performance was truly amazing! I have been teaching at LMS for almost 10 years and this show was by far my favorite (with the one you did three years ago as a close second!).  The kids definitely did step up, however, if not for your all your hard work and incredible energy over the past two weeks, none of this would have been possible.

"The performance was outstanding. It could go to the Boston Theatre district. I have seen many performances there which were not as entertaining and energizing as last nights LE performance."  --  Elementary Parent

"Olivia is still buzzing from the excitement, and feels so proud of herself.  It was an absolute joy to see all all of those kids (and grown ups!) enjoying themselves, and such a great night. They seemed to take such pride in what they were doing, and my heart is full! Thank you!" -- Elementary Parent

"I thought I would feel shy and nervous, but i just can't stop myself from smiling!  I felt so happy with everybody up there and had so much fun!!" -- 1st Grade Student

Kristen, Residency Coordinator

"Thank you both again for the wonderful programs on Tuesday! Everyone is still talking about how great they were. The first-grade teachers want to have you back every year. The principal, who has seen everyone (really--every time I mention what I think is a new thing, she says she's seen it), thought you were terrific. And the kids even talked about it at home without prompting. I'd say that's probably your highest praise."

Sue, Dallin School PTO

"Thank you for the African drumming today. It was wonderful! The students were so engaged and had so many positive things to say when we got back to class!They really enjoyed it! I feel like these presenters really seemed to grasp what was appropriate, fun and interesting to First Graders, so thank you! I hope that this is a group that we can utilize again in the coming years!"

1st Grade Teacher, Dallin School

"It was another great Rhythm Kids performance, the kids had a great time, and we love the energy and enthusiasm of you [Tom] and your brother [Dan}.

Mollie, Fiske After School

"We had such a great time with you guys!"

Candace, Happy Hollow PTA

"WOW! What a fun party. Thanks [Tom & Greg] so much for entertaining our group today. You are both very talented and do a wonderful job engaging the kids in such a fun, kind manner."

Crista, Arlington Parent